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16th November 2017 - 1.6.1
- Fix: League home not showing the correct winner of the championship
- New: League standings shows information about the driver's achievements
- New: Championship roster shows information about the driver's achievements, has options to order by number or group by teams (if there are teams)
- New: Championship classification and grid merged - classification now has a simple and detailed option

19th November 2016 - 1.6
- New: can now add a custom name to tracks
- Several improvements and bug fixes across the website

12th September 2016 - 1.5.1
- New: can now login with either the nick or email address
- Update: can now add Image links, Youtube links or XboxClips links to the wall posts

11th September 2016 - 1.5
- New: introduction of the championship wall, where registered users that are part of the championship's league's roster can chat with each other

10th August 2016 - 1.4.3
- New: ability to see the selected car list for a championship
- New: ability to see the upload lap times for a track, inside a championship (only for Project Cars)
- Several improvements across the website in terms of usability

25th May 2016 - 1.4.2
- New: view your Project Cars lap times on your account. Requires vHUD for Project Cars v.1.2.21 for Windows or v1.0.7 for Android
- Several improvements across the website in terms of usability

17th May 2016 - 1.4.1
- League's page only lists leagues that have at least one active championship
- Added the time difference to the Leaderboards and Track results
- Added information about the Game and Platform to the championship lists
- Added a to links through the site to make it clear that you can click on it
- New calendar design for Leagues and User dashboard

11th May 2016 - 1.4
- Added ability to use imported times from the vHUD for Project Cars apps, Windows 1.2.20 and Android 1.0.6 (more information)
- Display of the date next to each lap time uploaded from Time Trial

5th May 2016 - 1.3.1
- Added ability to have timed races
- Fixed an issue preventing connecting a league's user to an account through an email invite
- Fixed issues displaying the player's controller method

21st April 2016 - 1.3.0
- Redesign of the whole championship management. Now divided into Leagues, Divisions and Championships
- Auto complete of car names when using the Project Cars game
- View total points per league
- Create teams on the championships and have a standings table based on them
- View your upcoming races on your dashboard
- Access the league's calendar
- Added "Notes" field to tracks, which can be used to add track conditions like weather or time
- Added "About you" field to the registered user profile. This will be used later when the ability to view a pilot's details is introduced
- Added indication of what the player uses to play. Keyboard, gamepad or wheel. This information is displayed on the classification pages and roster pages. The player can override on a per championship basis. If none is chosen, the one defined at the league level is used

15th April 2016 - 1.2.5
- Added sector colors and lap time to telemetry (older laps might not have this information)
- Added number of laps to championship results
- Added the next race date and last race date to the championship listing and championship details
- Added number of rounds completed to championship details and championship results
- Added filter to championship status (all, finished or in progress)

3rd April 2016 - 1.2.4
- Added a Projects section to the website. vHUD and pCars FFB Tweaks will be migrated to this location at a future date - Added a car list to the pCars FFB Tweaks project section - From the Project Cars leaderboard table, a user can quickly view information about the car used on the lap

1st April 2016 - 1.2.3
- Indication of next race when viewing My championships section
- Indication of championship complete (light red background color) when viewing My championships section
- Indication of coming up races (light green background color) when viewing the track list on My championships section
- Hiding options that are not available to certain users when managing championships

24th March 2016 - 1.2.2
- Added car selection with quantities
- Added player buckets. Can be used for multi-class or multi-room races

18th March 2016 - 1.2.1
- Ability to filter championships
- Send email to administrators when a player applies for a championship
- Several improvements and optimizations regarding usability

18th March 2016 - 1.2
- Increased championship logo to wide size (320x200)
- Add co-administrators to championships (co-administrators can manage the roster and the race results)
- Mark championships as completed (is set as complete 2 hours after the last race started)
- Ability to add users to championships by searching their nick
- Allow users to request addition to championship (if a championship is not set to private)
- News section in main navigation
- Players with a race time of 0 go to the bottom of the list in the results page

13th March 2016 - 1.1.2
- Changed the date time picker to working on a wider range of browsers

12th March 2016 - 1.1.1
- Improved the filter on the leaderboards

10th March 2016 - 1.1
- Online leaderboards. Data comes from pCars vHUD app
- Improvements on how the telemetry data is viewed

22nd July 2015 - 1.0
-Initial release

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