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Rally display vHUD for Project Cars 14.02.2017

The Android version of the app has been updated with a new Display.

New Android update with minor fixes and additions vHUD for Project Cars 10.02.2017

A new update has been released which adds tire pressures, a new tire usage graphic with colors and updated when the warning to pit for tires comes up.

Gap to first place vHUD for Project Cars 07.10.2016

An update has been pushed to the Windows version of vHUD for Project Cars that adds the gap to the first driver on the Timing screen.
This was already present on the Android version.

Bug fixes for F1 2016 app vHUD for F1 2016 05.10.2016

An update has been released for vHUD for F1 2016 that addresses several issues with the settings and data connection. Make sure to have the latest version for the best experience.
Also, for PS4 users, make sure Broadcast is turned OFF on the game settings, as at this time, with the option ON, no data reaches the app.

vHUD For F1 2016 vHUD for F1 2016 23.09.2016

A new App has been released both for Windows 10 (UWP) and Android to connect to the game F1 2016.
Have your virtual display ready for those immersive gaming sessions. Read more on the Projects section.

Jack Spade 3.0.1 update pCars FFB Tweaks 22.09.2016

The Force Feedback website for Project Cars has been updated with the latest data from Jack Spade amazing setups.

New Simple Map display vHUD for Project Cars 01.09.2016

Today a new version was released (1.2.24 for Windows, 1.0.9 for Android) which adds a new Display.
This new display allows you to see the relative positions of the players on track, a quick list of who is around you, with the information about the car on the bottom.

Updates available vHUD for Project Cars 13.06.2016

You can now download the latest updates for the apps: v1.0.6 for Android and v1.2.20 for Windows.
Several bug fixes and improvements, with the addition to upload session results to SimRacingManager.

Import results from in-game sessions vHUD for Project Cars 11.06.2016

With the latest updates to the vHUD app (1.2.20 for Windows and 1.0.6 for Android) you can now upload the session results to the SimRacingManager website and use them as results to your championships.

Android app vHUD for Project Cars 04.04.2016

The android app has now been released. Currently supporting the Time Trial screen and the all new feature Rivals. Get it here.

Minor website updates Sim Racing Manager 01.04.2016

An update was released today to improve the usability of championship managing.

Update 1.2.10 vHUD for Project Cars 28.03.2016

New version of the Windows app is now out, with improvements on saving the session results, new timing screen options and several fixes.

New set of updates Sim Racing Manager 18.03.2016

You can now access a set of new features on this website, including:
- Add co-administrators to championships (co-administrators can manage the roster and the race results);
- Ability to add users to championships by searching their nick;
- Allow users to request addition to championship (if a championship is not set to private).
See all changes here.

New website Sim Racing Manager 17.03.2016

A new website is out, with some similarities with the initial version, but quite a few changes underneath.
The new domain simracingmanager.com will now be the destination for all projects I build related to game simulation.
Soon I will be adding the pCars vHUD website and pCars FFB Tweaks to this domain as well.

Update 1.2.9 vHUD for Project Cars 14.03.2016

Version 1.2.9 is now out with big improvements in performance. Available at the Windows 10 store.

Your place for Force Feedback settings pCars FFB Tweaks 08.03.2016

Based on the highly praised Jack Spade settings, you can visit the pCars FFB Tweaks to get access to the best settings for each car.
Users can also contribute with their preferred wheel settings for all three platforms.

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