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vHUD for Project Cars - Documentation

You can now create your own Displays using XAML and several custom controls, available for the Windows version of the vHUD for Project Cars app.

In this section you will find all the information you need to start creating some amazing HUDs and share them with the community.

How to use

Below you will find links that explain the different variables, controls and colours available to use when designing templates.

Currently, and until the visual editor is created, it needs to be done by hand in a text file. To test you can compress the file as a ZIP and add to the App through the settings.

You can download the skeleton template here. Please use this as a starting point for any new Displays you make.

Inside there are two files: info.xml and pcars-vhud-skeleton.xaml.

info.xml has two fields inside: the name controls what is displayed to the user on the Settings panel; folder is where the file is saved. The folder must match the .xaml file name and the folder where these two files are saved. It is CASE SENSITIVE. When creating an archive for sharing, it is the container folder that needs to be compressed and not just the contents.

Other files might be present (images), and for these you can use whichever structure you feel is easy for you.

Application colours
Keywords you can use to specify colours which the users set up in the application.

Keywords you can use to specify which values you want to be displayed on the controls.

Controls that can be used on the Display template.

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