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vHUD for Project Cars - How to use

Set up the game

First you need to turn UDP communication ON in the game Options menu. You can also select the transmission rate from 1 to 9. The lower the number the faster it will be.

However, some home routers might have difficulty in handling a lot of information being transmitted, so you might need to use a higher number. Start at 1 and try not to go above 4.

Main menu

From the main menu you can select to start the data process, go to the options, go into full screen mode (only available on desktop / tablet) and view the changelog.

When you care in the main data processing (Engine Start option), you can click or tap the screen to change the current active Display.


Under options you have 5 different sections available.

Under units you can choose the preferred measurement units for the different values used.

Under Pit board you can turn this feature on or off, and select the colours for the background and text. Also available is how long the Pit Board stays on screen.

The Pit board, when used during a race, shows the position, time different for the driver ahead and behind, and the current lap. During any other game mode it shows the personal best lap time and the session best lap time.

If the tire usage is over 80% (average front or rear), it also informs that you need to pit for tires. Similary, if the estimated number of laps remaining until there is no more fuel is lower than 2, a similar message is displayed to pit for fuel.

Under Themes you can select colours for different sections of the Displays. Bare in mind that some Displays might ignore this colours completly. The build in Displays however do respect the colours choosen here.

Under HUDs you can select which Displays you have active, and see which ones are available. A maximum of 3 Displays can be active at a given time, and users that purchase the One time In App add on can have this limit lifted.

On the right there are two buttons: one to install new Displays and below to delete existing ones. You can only delete Displays that were installed. The build in Displays cannot be deleted.

To add a Display or to remove it from the list of selected ones, you can double click or double tap it. To reorder the selected ones, you can drag it around.

Under Other there are miscellaneous options.

You can opt to display the device battery level on the top right corner (useful if runing on battery), and how the full screen mode works. Best fit will keep the aspect ratio and add black bars to the top and bottom of the screen if needed, however you can also choose to fill the screen completly, stretching the Displays.

On the right side there are options to save the session data. After you select a folder you can then turn the Save session results option ON. When is ON, a csv file is generated when a session ends, which has the session results and all the laps of all the players (lap time, sector times and if is a clean lap or not).

You can see a sample file here.

Online leaderboards

You can also upload your time trial times and see how you rank online at

Choose the right platform you are in (PC, Playstation 4 or XBox One) and the control method used (Gamepad, Wheel or Keyboard + Mouse) and if you want to upload your times or not.

This window is displayed every time a new time trial session is started.

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