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vHUD for Project Cars - Leaderboards

You can use the companion app vHUD for Project Cars to upload time trial times to this website.

Make sure you are using version at least 1.2.6 on Windows or version 0.0.3 on Android. Laps uploaded with a previous version will not be accepted.

When you register on this website, you will also get a key that you can add in the companion app settings, under Time Trial. This will allow you to view and compare all the laps you have uploaded, and not just the fastest lap. More information about this feature will come at a later date, when is made live.


Rivals is a new mode introduced on version 1.2.11 for Windows and 0.0.4 for Android. It allows you to compare your lap times with the person right in front of you.

When you start a Time Trial session with the pCars vHUD companion app, the app connects to this website to request your fastest time for the Car + Track selection, as well as the time immediately in front of you.

If they exist, it will be displayed on the Time Trial Display. Bare in mind that this Display is a free add-on for the Windows version. Also make sure you have version 1.1 of the Display installed to be able to view the Rival name and lap time.

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